EXTRA LONG 300cm DROP Clear Bistro Cafe Patio Verandah Outdoor Blinds

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Made from Heavy Duty Waterproof PVC

Provides 90% UV Protection

Great for extending or enclosing outdoor areas

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Bistro Cafe Patio Verandah Outdoor Blinds


Enjoy Your Backyard & Get Comfortable Outdoors All Year Round with 

Heavy-Duty PVC Café Patio Blinds!

Why let a little weather scare you back inside? These blinds will shield your outdoor space from the elements, so no more outdoor living is cut short.

Finally Available in Extra Long 300cm Drop/Height!

Also, available in 270cm Drop, listed separately.

Comes as a Set, Pre-Packed with Durable Aluminium Wall Anchors, which secure your PVC Blind neatly when it is installed on a post or a wall. Helps to prevent the blind from flapping in the wind.

Great for extending entertaining areas or enclosing outdoor areas such as verandahs, balconies, and pergolas which are exposed to the elements, as well as those pesky mosquitos and flies.

Can be Easily Extended in width to the required size, with the help of PVC Joiners and End Extenders, listed separately.

Please email us the width you need to cover, and we will advise the best possible package for your project.

These Clear PVC Cafe Patio Blinds are one of the most simple and inexpensive solutions to protect your outdoor living space from the weather, so you can enjoy being Outdoor with your family and friends for Longer!

*PLEASE NOTE: All Outdoor Blinds must be rolled up during Strong Winds and Extreme Weather Conditions to prevent damage. Manufacturer’s Warranty does not cover damages caused by extreme weather.  



  •  Extra Long 300cm Drop/Height
  •  Great for extending entertaining areas or enclosing outdoor areas
  •  Made from Heavy Duty Waterproof PVC
  •  Provides 90% UV Protection
  •  Comes with Durable Aluminium Wall Anchors
  •  Simple DIY Installation
  •  All Hardware is Included
  •  Smooth Cord & Pulley Operation
  •  Provides Insect Control
  •  Child Safe
  •  Easy to Clean
  •  Non-restrictive view of your garden
  •  24 Months Warranty

Package Contents:

4 X 135cm Wall Anchors

Please Note, due to the Extra Long Drop/Length of the blind, you will receive 2 x 135cm Wall Anchors PER EACH SIDE, which makes a Total of 4 Wall Anchors per blind.

You just need to slide one wall anchor on top of the other and screw them into the post or the wall.

Your Outdoor Blind will come with everything you need for installation.


24 Months Conditional Manufacturer’s Warranty

PLEASE NOTE: All Outdoor Blinds must be rolled up during Strong Winds and Extreme Weather Conditions to prevent damage. Manufacturer’s Warranty does not cover damages caused by extreme weather.

Don't roll up wet

Ensure no water or residue is left on the blind while rolled up, over a period of time, as this can cause damage to the blind.


To prevent scratches on the PVC, pull tie-down straps tightly, although avoid over tensioning.

Wind protection

Whilst these blinds are designed for outdoor conditions, including wind blowing up to 60kph, we Strongly Advise that you roll your blinds up if a storm is approaching. This will ensure to minimise movement in the wind and any potential damage to the blind.

Tie off securely

Each blind is supplied with tie-off points on either side. Use the cord cleat provided to tie up the blind securely. Always make sure both sides of the blinds are tied off.

Keep away from heaters

Although PVC Blinds are made from high-quality, durable materials, it is important to keep all heating equipment away to ensure the longevity of the product.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning your PVC blinds is quite easy. We recommend using VuPlex, a cleaner that has been specifically developed for the cleaning and protection of blinds. Use Vuplex every month by applying with a clean microfibre.

More Information
Product Name EXTRA LONG 300cm DROP Clear Bistro Cafe Patio Verandah Outdoor Blinds
Finish Clear PVC
Total Weight N/A
Shipping Weight N/A
Length N/A
Features Extra Long 300cm Drop/Height
Great for extending entertaining areas or enclosing outdoor areas
Made from Heavy Duty Waterproof PVC
Provides 90% UV Protection
Comes with Durable Aluminium Wall Anchors
Simple DIY Installation
All Hardware is Included
Smooth Cord & Pulley Operation
Provides Insect Control
Child Safe
Easy to Clean
Non-restrictive view of your garden
24 Months Warranty

General Warranty Description:

All of Pool Showers Products come with a manufacturer warranty for your Peace of Mind.

For Terms & Conditions, please see below:

-Stainless Steel Frame is covered under the manufacturer's warranty for 10 Years from the date of purchase (subject to no evidence of the use of corrosive or abrasive cleaners)

-All Components are covered under the manufacturer's warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase

How to Claim:

In the unlikely event you need to make a warranty claim, please follow the following procedures:

For all exchanges and claims: please remember to include ALL of the following information to enable us to process your query without delay:

- The full name of the person who originally ordered the product
- Best contact number
 -Invoice number
- All associated tracking numbers
 -A detailed description of the reason for exchange or the details of the claim

 -Photos of the issue with the product

Installation Disclaimer:

This warranty specifically does not obligate Pool Showers in any way regarding labor performed during installation. In the event that any issues/damage to the shower unit occurs due to incorrect installation, Pool Showers will not be held responsible.
Delivery Fees During Claim:

Please note, delivery fees are not covered by warranty. Warranty applies to the manufacturing fault of the product only. The buyer will be responsible for all freight/delivery charges if the replacement of the faulty product/components is required.

Incorrect Product 

In the unlikely event of you receiving an incorrect product, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt of the product for replacement. Verification will be required which may or may not include requests for photographic support. Please do not throw out or destroy the box the product came in as it will need to be re-packaged so it can be returned safely back to the warehouse.
Unauthorized Returns/Refused Shipments

Refused shipments are considered unauthorized returns and are subject to a 30% restocking fee. Freight charges are non-refundable.

Damage in Transit

The customer, or customer's agent, must be present at the time of delivery to carefully inspect all packages and items for damage or missing materials. If there are missing items or damage it must be clearly noted, at the time of the delivery, by the customer on the original consignment note. Immediately contact Pool Showers and send copies of the consignment note. At discretion and upon acceptance of the claim by the carrier, Pool Showers will send a replacement item(s) or refund the damages. 

All consignments are sent out and signed for in good order and condition. We do understand that the receiver/customers cannot always inspect all goods prior to signing for them.  However, we do need you to report any damages to us within 24 hours of receipt. This way all parties are protected by Insurance and we all can avoid any embarrassing and disappointing situations. Otherwise, all damages reported after this period of time will not be covered by Insurance at all.

We take issues with damages very seriously and are always focusing on ways to ensure they do not happen.  We do this through training of dock loading staff and also by continually looking at our systems and how we can improve what we do.

The last thing we want is to have a disappointed customer.  We want to ensure we provide you with the best possible service we can with the resources we have available so these bad situations can be avoided, and where they do occur, that it's a painless process to resolve.

 Assuming that the goods are subject to an appropriate domestic/household policy of insurance taken out by you our customers as part of your home and property insurance, we respectfully suggest that you promptly lodge a claim with your insurer.

Please be assured that we greatly value your custom and of our ongoing commitment to consistently and efficiently satisfying your future needs.

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